Monday, November 22, 2010

Day Twenty-Two. Public Relations.

30-Day Husband Encouragement Challenge for Wives

"Let your speech always be with grace..." Colossians 4:6a

Today's question:

"If all my family and friends knew about my husband came from a filter of what I've said about him, what would they think of my husband?"

Earlier in the challenge, I'd asked one of my friends about this, and she said that I make The Husband "sound so awesome."  

As you have probably noticed if you've been reading for the past three weeks, or even the past couple of years as I've been writing, I try to present The Husband in a positive light here as well.

I said it in another post of mine a long time ago -- nobody's perfect, and everybody knows that, I don't need to remind people that The Husband has imperfections.  I need to be his #1 Fan. 

But I believe one thing God wants to get through my thick skull is that I need to not just be his cheerleader when I'm out and about, but at home too.

The Husband doesn't typically read my blog.  He doesn't have conversations with my friends where they're going to tell him that I talk him up.  Words of affirmation don't really benefit him if they are not spoken directly TO him.


One of these days I'll get it.

Husband, I know I need to work on this.  To not be so quick to get exasperated at home and point out what I want you to do differently, but to spend more time telling you directly how wonderful I think you are.  Because you are wonderful, and the positives outnumber the negatives by a tremendous landslide.  I love you and I really do think you're awesome, and I'm glad most people recognize that I feel that way -- my prayer is that you will see it reflected in my actions and not just have to possibly hear about it from others, or read it on my blog.  It's not just words I say or write, I mean it with all my heart... You are an incredible blessing in my life and you are an all-around amazing man.  I am so thankful and proud to be your wife.

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MiMi said...

Oh. No. This one kills me. We went through this rough patch that I think my family probably still thinks badly of him sometimes because of my "running off with the mouth" problem. :/