Thursday, December 9, 2010

An Adorable Christmas. Even though Santa Claus died.

A while back I mentioned that I wasn't only slacking on this blog, but my family blog as well.  So I introduced my girls, otherwise known as The Adorables, to this blog.

They're ba-aaaack.



Li'l Bit & Mini Me share an excited hug as they wait to hang ornaments on the tree.
The Husband put up our tree, and the girls hung the ornaments.  They did a great job, too!  Mostly because they are excellent at following directions.  I pointed, they hung, and everyone was happy.

This past weekend was the children's Christmas concert at church.  Mini Me's dance class performed once, and she also sang with her choir.  She has come a long way from going up on stage and turning her back to the audience! (True story.)

Li'l Bit was in choir for the first time this year, but it wasn't her first time on stage attempting to sing.  At her preschool Christmas concert, in front of fewer people, she cried until she was able to sit in her teacher's lap.  At the end of the year concert, she didn't cry, but she also didn't sing.  This year...

She sang, and she looked so incredibly sweet doing it!  And to top it all off, she managed to make it through the rest of the concert without making a big fuss.  That may have been because I let her play Chuzzles on my phone part of the time, but you know, whatever.

So, if you read my last post, you know I said that we do Santa here. Turns out it's not going to be that easy.

Last year was the first year that we had a tree and did presents for the girls.  Mini Me had just turned 6 at the time, and although she didn't seem to make a big fuss about Santa coming in the first place, she was very curious as to how I was able to return a gift that Santa had brought them.  


Mini Me was told by a friend last year that Santa isn't real, but it didn't phase her.  She heard it again this year and started asking questions.  The Husband decided that he would tell her the story of St. Nicholas to try and explain where the idea of Santa Claus came from.  Not a bad idea, right?

Well.  What Mini Me has held on to from The Husband's story of St. Nicholas is that


He was a man who lived a long time ago and he was really generous, and he is dead.

She has told a friend at school that Santa Claus died a long time ago, and I am just waiting for the parent of that traumatized little girl to call me.

I told The Husband that I think we're going to have to come clean, and do a much better job explaining the whole St. Nicholas thing.

Because it's one thing to have the kid that tells everyone that Santa isn't real.

It's quite another to have the kid that's telling everyone that SANTA CLAUS IS DEAD.


Marisa Hopkins said...

Okay, first of all, the Adorables are RIDICULOUSLY ADORABLE!

Second, AW!!! That is traumatizing! Interesting what parts of stories kids hang onto, isn't it?

thefunnysister said...

I'm so glad you waited until AFTER we came back from visiting to tell her that story. Because if your kids told my kids that Santa was dead, we'd have some issues. ;-)

Sara said...

OK, so can I just say this.... I think that I HILARIOUS. I think the best part is that in like 20-30 years, she will have her own blog and that story? Is totally going to show up there... HAHAHAHAHA

And your girls? Are adorable!!

MiMi said...

Um, I think this is the funniest thing ever!!!
And, your babies are SO cute!

Shell said...

Your girls are precious!

LOL @ Santa is dead. Yes, the phone calls should make a good blog post.

From Tracie said...

Santa Clause is DEAD!!

Oh will be getting the phone calls.

That is pretty awesome-ly hilarious though. The hilarity matches the level of adorableness of Li'l Bit and Mini Me.

Honey B. said...

That is a whole lot of adorable. Like seriously adorable. Except for your husband telling Mini-Me that Santa Claus is dead. That is just hilarious.

Scott said...

Made me laugh out loud! Yep, "Santa Is Dead" is not what you want your kid sharing! :-D

shortmama said...

Im totally telling my oldest that Santa is dead after Christmas this year...she will LOVE that...or not

Karlynn said...

Don't feel too bad, Vanessa. My oldest did exactly the same thing!!! We had a long talk about keeping that info just between us and letting his friends believe what they want to about Santa. The next year he said he wanted to leave milk & cookies out for Santa. When I asked him if he believe Santa was real he said "No, Mom. But it sure is fun to pretend." lol I'll take it!

hotpants™ said...

You tell that girl that Santa Claus lives forever! For real!!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Yep, they are adorable, and dead!? You are so right!! Uh, he needs to work on that!

Kelly L said...

Very funny!
Merry Christmas to you - your girls are adorable... I miss that age.

I've Become My Mother

Bestsms said...

Its really very great post.
That is pretty awesome-ly hilarious though. The hilarity matches the level of adorableness of Li'l Bit and Mini Me.

Aphrodite's Mortal Friend (ME) said...

Cute little ones you have ;-) I get the blog slacking thing- believe me ... hope you are well and having a good new year! Hope to hear from you soon over at my place ;-)

K L Heinly said...

Yeah, I expected some phone calls as well after my daughter and her little friend had a similar conversation in the middle of a McDonald's playplace:

daughter: Santa Claus is just pretend.

friend: No. Santa Claus is dead.

I'm surprised we didn't get stoned with chicken nuggets!