Monday, February 14, 2011

Not a fan of Valentine's Day? I love you, anyway.

Last week during the Super Bowl, my news feed on Facebook was at war with itself -- almost every single post was about the halftime show, and people either loved it or hated it.  There was no in between!

Apparently, the same goes for Valentine's Day.

I. Love. Valentine's.

No, it's not because it's the ONLY day The Husband and I celebrate our love.  We do that every day.  No, no, no, not like that!!  I mean, he does it when he goes to work, because I know he works to provide for our family.  He knows that my taking care of the house is an expression of love -- in our home, love is never having to say, "Babe, I'm out of shorts."

There's a zillion different ways we express our love.

But what's wrong with going a little above and beyond on one special day?

I mean, should we wait until Mother's Day to tell our moms we love them?  Father's Day for our dads?  Birthdays to celebrate that someone is alive?

Psh.  No.  Really, we should be doing those things all the time.  And sometimes we don't.

So what's the harm in having that one day to make a big fuss over it?


Just like there's no harm in Valentine's, my friends.  None.  Some people need Hallmark to say what they can't.  Some people need to hold a box of chocolates or some flowers to know that they're being thought of.

And some people just want an excuse to do a little extra to show someone special how much they care for them.  Because, frankly, I don't want The Husband to bring chocolates out of the blue on a random day.  I mean, I have to prepare for special occasions with the right amount of planning my meals around the calories I'll have if I eat out!  If I get a box of chocolate out of nowhere, I just get really frustrated, and he knows that! And I don't want him to get me a card every other week or something, because dude.  Have you seen how much cards cost now??

Aside from that, it's great day to celebrate LOVE in general.  Don't have a significant other?  Do you have friends?  Celebrate the love you have for them.  I've been single on Valentine's Day before.  I got together with other single friends and had a great time!  My daughters don't have boyfriends but still enjoyed getting cards for all of their little buddies!  No friends?  (Really?)  You have family.  Break from the mold and tell your parents or your grandparents or your favorite aunt you love them on a day other than designated holiday.

But if you still think Valentine's is made up (which isn't true), or something Hallmark has exploited (gee, a card company wanting you to buy more cards, SHOCKING!), I hope you have a Happy Monday and enjoy celebrating the love in your life every single day, since that appears to be what you do.  You're an inspiration to the rest of us!


MiMi said...

AHAHAHA!!!! That Kevin James video is HILARIOUS!!!!
Happy V Day!!

blueviolet said...

I guess it's one of those things...take it or leave it. Right?

Joy@TPMG said...

I loved that Kevin James skit. I could spend an hour in Hallmark looking for that perfect card.

Kearsie said...

My hubs won't let me buy cards because they cost precisely nine million dollars. Or five. Either amount is too much for a card that's about to be thrown away once my back is turned.

I heart Kevin James.

ModernMom said...

Oh I am one who adores Valentines. Nothing wrong with prompting a man to get off his toosh and get some chocolate for the love of his life!

From Tracie said...

My husband can spend hours looking for just the right card. He is scary picky about it.

When that card comes with a nice box of Godiva...I'm a happy woman! ;-)

Love the video!

Shelley said...

Loved the video! And I completely agree with your way of thinking about Valentines Day. What's wrong with a little extra love?

Kelly L said...
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Alexandra Jacobs said...
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